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Hey folks, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy being awesome... err, well more like busy writing new songs. Drum roll please... I just finished up 4 new songs, all wrapped up and ready to go. I'm calling it the Doormat EP. This time around, I played each instrument myself, which is almost what I usually do, but I did drums and percussion this time. Typically, I play guitars, keys, bass, etc... and I leave drums to a drumming expert that knows what he's doing. This time, I left it to myself... who does not know what he's doing. That's the way I roll... trying to keep things fresh.

All the tracking, mixing, and mastering was done at The Hilson Studio in Nashville, TN with my buddy, Sean Power. His studio is a super cool place... sweet gear to use, cool rooms, relaxed atmosphere... pretty great if ya ask me.

Welp, the Doormat EP is out on NoiseTrade as a free download (or you can leave a tip... which goes towards my next full length album) and will also be hitting the other digital outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

If you're feeling friendly, it would be mega-awesome (that's correct, I just said mega-awesome) if you can help spread the word about the Doormat EP... tell your e-friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks everyone, much love!
- Justin Kline